Masae is know as a Geisha performer that revolutionizing the art of geisha to a new generation of women in NYC. Also she has been performing and learning about the real history of Geisha with Tukasa Tayu the highest rank of geisha in Kyoto Japan. You can find more information on what she is learning at The-silencer.


I love kimono. I think kimono is the most beautiful, colorful dress in the world, and I collect many vintage kimono that I wear and cherish. My great-great grandma used to own a kimono store, and my grandma was a traditional Japanese dancer who wore beautiful dance costumes. This love of kimono is part of my family tradition and heritage.

              (Performing with my mentor the highest rank of geisha Tsukasa Tayu)

At first, I learned how to wear kimono from my family, but then I wanted to learn more. I went to school and received a license to teach people how to dress in kimono. There is only one place in all Japan to get a license to do this properly, and that is the Yamano International Kimono School.

I am honored to be able to share my deep love of kimono and Japanese culture with you.

~ Service ~

  • Kimono demo and history of geisha lecture for museums
  • Kimono work shop
  • Geisha greeting
  • Traditional Japanese Dance
  • Fire geisha performance
  • Geisha burlesque
  • Geisha modeling for commercial, movie, photo shooting
  • Live paintings with Geisha
  • Solo and Group show’s are available for festivals, private events, restaurants and casinos.

More info, please contact to

or contact from HANnARI Entertainment FB page