7/8 Bring the vintage geisha performance to You are so lucky x Shanghai Mermaid

July 8th, I’ll be performing at shanghai mermaid and will be a part of You Are So Lucky !!!

 You Are So Lucky | The Mansion Experience ! the Shanghai Mermaid part of the evening will feature Sweet Megg & The WayfarersCassandra RosebeetleTansy Tan DoraMasae Cathy Satouchi, a myriad of amazing dancers, cigarette girls, and more. and that’s only a tiny part of the larger evening. 125 artists, musicians, and performers will take over a once abandoned manor at the edge of the city. it’s going to be fun. and you’re invited . . . www.shanghaimermaid.com

Performance time at 11:45pm and 1:45 am
Location at foyer in the mansion.

Japanese info http://ameblo.jp/colorfulartist/entry-12290014667.html

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